Account Merge

Can’t log in? Can’t see your subscription?

We have recently merged our websites ( and for a better user experience! However, this means that we need to migrate everybody’s account information from two different places and billing info from three different places – and that can be a little tricky!

Please help us restore all functionality to your account by doing the following:

Make sure that you have an account on the new with the SAME email address as you had on the previous website. If you had an account on, you should already be able to log in. Please register an account if you do not have one. We cannot assist you if you do not have an account registered at your email address! After you have registered an account at your email address, please fill out this form then we will transfer your subscription and membership information from the previous website to your new account! Then, we can cancel your billing on one of the old billing systems and you can start your new subscription!

Please enter the name used to pay your subscription.
Please enter the email associated with your username.
Please attempt to log in. If you get an error message saying "Error: The username [your username] is not registered on this site. If you are unsure of your username, try your email address instead. or "Unknown email address. Check again or try your username." then you do not currently have an account. While you might have had an account and subscription on the previous, you will unfortunately need to create a new one. Then, we will migrate your active subscription to your account. (Don't worry! We still have your subscription information!)